SQL API / Introduction

The SQL API service consists in configuring a connection to the database on the SerwerSMS or Client side and creating appropriate tables for sending and receiving messages. The message is sent on the principle of adding a record to the appropriate table in the database. In the case of receiving a message, SerwerSMS will add a new record to the relevant table when receiving the message assigned to the selected Customer.

Connection configuration can take place in two ways:

1. On the SerwerSMS side, i.e. the system creates a separate access to a part of the database and the client operates on the database and tables located on the SerwerSMS platform.

2. On the client's side, ie the client creates a table structure in his own database on his server, configures the settings in the SerwerSams client panel and the SerwerSMS system connects cyclically to the customer's database and checks whether, for example, there are any new records to process. If so, it will download and forward it for processing.

Available options:

- dispatch of messages ECO SMS, SMS FULL VOICE
- update delivery reports
- receiving messages SMS ECO+, ND, SC, NDI, SCI

To send SMS ECO+, the sender field should be left empty. For news VOICE, the field should be set to "VOICE".

If you have more than one active SQL API configuration within your main account or user account, incoming messages will be included in the table for each configuration.