SMS via FTP / Creating a configuration Customer Panel

In order for the service to work properly, first you need to create a configuration in the Customer Panel in the tab "Interface settings → SMS via FTP". The form for adding a new configuration contains the following fields:

Field Example value Description
Address The IP address for example. or domain eg.

The address may be the IP address or domain

SSL connection On or Off SSL encrypted connection with FTP protects against eavesdropping transmitted data
Passive mode On or Off Passive mode, ie, such as that used when connecting using a Web browser. If your server for FTP active mode is not working properly, use passive mode
Port number

Default 21, or else according to the needs

The port number under which the service is available at the FTP Client


Login to your account FTP

Login to your account FTP


Password FTP account

Password is stored on the server in encrypted form

directory eg. /public_html/dane

Directory on the FTP server where the data files to be sent SMS

Separator , ; :

Break columns in the CSV file


Every 1 min, 10 min, at 1 hour, or at a specific time

The frequency of polling FTP server for new files. The operation will be repeated every day at the specified time.
Predefined sender name and message

The name of the sender for example. INFORMATION, and the message to be sent back to the audience.

This setting is optional. It is recommended to use this setting if the content remains the same while changing only the phone numbers (eg. The information on the receipt of documents, etc.).


From the level of the Client Panel, it is possible to test the correctness of the connection by clicking on the test icon. The system will check the connection and display whether there are any files to download and how many new unprocessed files there are.

The text separator has quotes. Field values can be enclosed in quotation marks, however it is not mandatory. To send a message containing the quotation mark in the body, double-use the character. An example message containing quotes in the content appears below:

500600700;”Testowa wiadomosc”;INFORMACJA