SMPP API / Connected to the SMPP API

In order to generate a set of data necessary to connect to the SMPP API, the SMPP API user should be generated in the Customer Panel. To do this, go "Send message -> SMPP API -> SMPP API users" and then fill in the field regarding any restrictions regarding incoming calls from the selected IP address. If the connection can be made from multiple IP addresses, this field should be left blank. The traffic can be limited within a specific IP address (or any pool of addresses after consulting the BOK). After confirming the form, the configuration will be sent to the e-mail address provided during registration.

General Specifications:

Host 1
Host 2 (backup)
Port 12775
Version  SMPP „3.4”

As part of SMPP in, it is possible to send an SMS FULL (alphanumeric overwrite) or SMS ECO++ (in the header there will be a variable, 9-digit number). In the case of sending a FULL SMS, the sender field should contain a pre-defined name or the customer's own name that was previously added by, for example, the Customer Panel and accepted by the administrators. In the case of sending ECO+ SMS messages, the "SMSECO" value must be set as the sender. To send a voice message, use "VOICE" sender ID and set UCS2 encoding (required for compatible speech pronunciation by the teacher).

Due to the fact that the connection via SMPP is not encrypted, for the confidentiality of the data transferred, it is recommended to create a VPN tunnel between the Client and (details in the price list).