SMS via FTP / Properties files

Each file that should be processed should have a TXT or CSV extension and have a unique name. If the file is overwritten with new data, its name will not change - it will not be processed. It is recommended that file names do not contain special characters or spaces. Files should be written in text form (TXT or CSV), with values divided by the selected separator (comma, semicolon, colon or tab character) or additionally with the new line character (enter) in the case of a file with the same numbers (message content predefined in the Customer Panel).


For options which is given in the message file, sample data format is:


So a sample file of news could look like this:

500600700;Testwa wiadomosc;INFORMACJA
500400300;Druga wiadomosc, tym razem eco;
500400300;Trzecia wiadomość z polskimi znakami;INFORMACJA;1


If you want to send SMS ECO+, the value of the third column should be empty. For news from the Polish characters must fill the box the sender and the semicolon specify the value of 1. Supported encoding is ISO-8859-2 and UTF-8.

Options for serving only the numbers in the file, the data format is:



So the sample file with the numbers might look like this:



Numbers can be separated from each other by a newline, semicolon, tab, colon or comma.

The maximum file size is 5MB. At the same time can be processed multiple files one after the other.