HTTPS API v2 / Deleting definite time messages


If you use the shipment within a certain period (the "date" parameter when reporting the sending of messages), you can delete such notifications by referring to the specified id / unique_id.

Calling address


Available parameters

Parameter Type

An example value or format

username String Login Username used to dispatch the message
password String Password Password to the account
id String|Array 111065e43c

IDs of selected SMS messages.

unique_id String|Array 87f5gs5f56

ID own the customer.

The parameters in bold are obligatory. Others are optional.

Return response


Recommended settings


Removing the planned dispatch must take into account the possible time difference between the local server and Delete the message with the identifier unique_id completely erases the same identifier unique_id side You can therefore use it again without worrying about duplicate (option does not apply to customers with active control duplicates unique_id).