Email2SMS / Security


The addition of an authorized email address and the creation of a key is necessary for the proper operation of the service. The email address should be an address from which only authorized persons can dispatch. Instead of sending the password via e-mail (in the message), the so-called key. This allows for greater security, because, for example, when a key is guessed or viewed (eg in the e-mail program) third parties, they do not gain access to the entire account in and only allow them to send an Email2SMS message ( if they additionally impersonate the sender's email address). An additional security feature is the possibility of global setting of notification about delivery reports on a given email address and key. In the event that third parties try to send Email2SMS messages and the global notification of delivery reports is enabled, the email address set in the Customer Panel will receive information about the messages sent. This will allow for quick response and change of the key in the Customer Panel or complete removal of the key and email address from the addresses authorized to send.

In order to increase security, it is also recommended to send an Email2SMS message using SSL protocol, which protects against eavesdropping on the network of transmitted information. SSL availability depends on your account in the given website.