EMI/UCP / Introduction

General information

External Machine Interface (EMI) together with the Universal Computer Protocol (UCP) extension are a protocol for the exchange of short text messages (SMS) between two IT systems. The protocol was developed by CMG Wireless Data Solutions and currently belongs to the telecommunications company Mavenir.


In the UCP based EMI protocol, the data structure is as follows:

stx <header> / <data> / <checksum> etx

where <header> consists of the following four mandatory fields:

TRN - transaction reference number
LEN - total number of IRA characters contained between stx and etx
O/R - char „O” or „R”. „O” means operation, „R” means result
OT - type of operation

The <data> fields depend on the type of operation. The <checksum> element is the checksum. An exemplary form of data exchange is as follows: