HTTPS API v2 / HLR - checking the availability of the number

Principle of operation

For using the remote operating number to check availability call the specified URL using the POST method.


Available parameters

Parameter Type

An example value or format

username String login Username used to dispatch the message
password String hasło Password to the account
phone String 500600700 or +42565478965 The number in the format 9-digit. For international numbers it is necessary to enter the plus prefix and country.
id String application number

The parameter used to read the result, if the response time exceeds 60 seconds.

The parameters in bold are obligatory. Others are optional.

Return generated after sending the sample query.

   "network":"Orange (PTK Centertel Sp. z o.o.)",

Return generated after sending the sample query.{
   "process": 100,
       "network":"Orange (PTK Centertel Sp. z o.o.)",
       "network":"Plus (Polkomtel S.A.)",
       "network_ported":"Plus (Polkomtel S.A.)",

Explanation of individual parameters feedback

Parameter Description
phone Checked the phone number
status Status queries HLR, if it is correct, the system will return "OK" if it is not possible to check the number or the number is not correct, the system will return "ERR". WARNING! The thariff are all queries HLR, both correct and incorrect.
imsi A unique number assigned to each SIM card in a GSM or UMTS network. In some situations it may contain only the country code and network number (eg. "26003").

Alphanumeric name of the network where the number came from.

ported Information on whether the number is transferred to "true" or not "false."
network_ported Alphanumeric name the network to which the number is currently assigned.


If the response time exceeds 60 seconds, will be returned identifier that should be substituted into the query at a later time in order to read the status of the update. Feedback answer will have the form:


Recommended settings

Do not check multiple times in a row of the same number because every call to check affiliation to the network is charged. It is worth to save the results locally and use them for a specified period, eg a few days.

It is necessary to set a larger timeout for queries, as waiting for a system response may take from a few to even tens of seconds.