SMS via FTP / Introduction


The SMS sending via FTP service consists in configuring the connection to your own FTP server, where text files (TXT or CSV) will be placed in a specific format, containing the data necessary to carry out the shipment. will connect cyclically every defined time and check whether any new files to be processed have appeared on the client's FTP server. If the system finds new files (unique file names that have not previously occurred within the Customer's account), they will be downloaded from the Client's FTP server and processed locally on the server.

IP address which will connect to FTP:

As part of the service, it is possible to send an SMS FULL (alphanumeric overwrite) or SMS ECO+ (in the header there will be a variable, 9-digit number). In the case of sending a FULL SMS, the sender field should contain a pre-defined name or the customer's own name that was previously added by, for example, the Customer Panel and accepted by the administrators. If you send an ECO SMS, set the sender as the empty value. Currently, it is not possible to send VOICE or MMS messages via the "SMS via FTP" service. It is possible to predefine a message in the Customer Panel, then it is enough in the TXT or CSV file to enter the phone numbers to which the predefined messages are to be sent.

Due to the fact that the connection via FTP is not encrypted, for the confidentiality of the data transmitted it is recommended to create a VPN tunnel between the Client and (details in the price list).