HTTPS API v2 / General communications

If you do not specify an action, blocked customer account or provide incorrect customer data, will generate a document in JSON or XML format with information about the error that occurred. For example, if you provide an incorrect login or password, the client will see the following message:

      "message":"Incorrect login or password"

If you do not specify any action to be performed, the system displays a message:

       "message":"Not specified action to execute"


Preview error message can be checked with action:




       "message":"Not specified action to execute"

The list of error codes returned by the API

Below is a table with codes and their associated text descriptions.

Code Type Description
1000 InvalidAction Not specified action to execute
1001 InvalidUser

Incorrect login or password

1002 InvalidRole The user does not have permission to use the API
1003 InvalidIP

Unauthorized IP address

1004 InvalidID Invalid parameter ID
1005 InvalidRole No permission
1006 InvalidData Niepoprawny format danych
1007 InvalidRole Invalid data format
1008 InvalidRole The user does not have permission to view the numbers
2000 ValidationRequiredError

Missing required parameters

2001 ValidationPhoneError

Invalid phone number

2002 ValidationCodeError

Invalid error code

3000 SendError Exhausted the limit of available SMS ECO+
3001 SendError

No permission to send messages SMS ECO+

3002 SendError Exhausted the limit of available SMS FULL
3003 SendError No permission to send messages SMS FULL
3004 SendError

Exhausted the limit of available MMS

3005 SendError No permission to send messages MMS
3006 SendError Exhausted the limit of available messages VOICE
3007 SendError

No permission to send messages VOICE

3008 SendError

No permission to send Flash SMS

3009 SendError No permission to send messages SMS
3100 SendError

Sending SMS is blocked

3101 SendError Message is empty
3102 SendError

Message exceeded the allowed number of characters

3103 SendError

Wrong number of recipients

3104 SendError Not specified phone numbers
3105 SendError Invalid message
3106 SendError

You can not use the name of the sender

3107 SendError You do not have permission to send personalized messages
3108 SendError

Invalid time shipping

3109 SendError Invalid file
3110 SendError

Too large number of messages to be transmitted, the maximum number of 000 to 100 text in a single application

3111 SendError

Error uniqueness

3200 SendError

Invalid characters in uniqe_id

3201 SendError

Uploaded unique_id are not unique

3202 SendError Incompatible number of personalized and uniqe_id
3330 MessageError

No messages

3331 MessageError Too many records to display.
4000 FileError

File is too large

4001 FileError

File does not exist

4002 FileInvalid Invalid file
Phone number/HLR
4100 PhoneError Connection error
4101 PhoneError Invalid number
4102 PhoneError No permission to HLR
4103 PhoneError

Exhausted the limit of available queries HLR

4104 PhoneError

Account lockout

4105 PhoneError

Waiting for reply

4106 PhoneError Invalid ID
4200 PremiumError Error shipping
4201 PremiumError Incorrect data


4300 AccountError No login
4301 AccountError No password
4302 AccountError No phone number
4303 AccountError No email
4304 AccountError No name
4305 AccountError No surname
4306 AccountError No firm name
4307 AccountError Wrong number
4308 AccountError Incorrect e-mail address
4309 AccountError Too short login
4310 AccountError Incorrect login
4311 AccountError Incorrect firm
4312 AccountError

Login exists

4313 AccountError Registration error
4320 AccountError

Not given the current password

4321 AccountError

Current password is incorrect

4322 AccountError

Not given a new password

4323 AccountError

New passwords do not match

4324 AccountError

Not given login

4325 AccountError

Invalid login

Sender name

4400 SenderExists

Sender name already exists

4401 SenderError


Can not add the number as the sender's name

4402 SenderInvalid

Incorrect sender's name

4403 SenderError Incorrect number
4404 SenderError Incorrect code or number
4405 SenderError

The number was already active

4500 SubaccountError

No permission to department users

4501 SubaccountError

Subaccount can not create subaccounts

4502 SubaccountError Login busy
4503 SubaccountError No template permissions
4504 SubaccountError

Incorrect login or password

Black list
4600 BlacklistError No operation to complete
4601 BlacklistPhoneExists

Number is already on the list

4602 BlacklistError

Not found the specified number