Interfaces and specifications

We give a lot of freedom in access to services. For programmers, we provide two basic interfaces that allow full automation of message shipments, without the need for manual account management.
In this section, we also provide specifications for functions that can be used by a programmer and an intermediate user.

Programmer! If during the integration you will have questions or doubts, write to us at:, we will certainly help."


HTTPS API is a tool that allows you to send notifications, messages and other marketing activities remotely, without having to log in to the Customer Panel. The communication takes place using the HTTPS protocol and consists in calling the specified URL and then processing the received JSON or XML document. To this end, a set of instructions for communication with the platform has been created.

SMPP API platform provides the communication method via the SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol. SMPP is a protocol based on the TCP / IP communication level and used to exchange, among others short text messages (SMS) between two IT systems, usually via an encrypted VPN channel.


"SMS via FTP" is a service that simply sends messages using the FTP server on the client's side.


One of the more interesting possibilities of the platform is the functionality consisting in sending SMS messages via e-mail.


"SQL API" is a service consisting of sending messages using an SQL server on the client's side or


The "SOAP" service consists in configuring the HTTP connection in which the data structure is defined in XML format.