SQL API / Creating a configuration

In order for the service to work properly, first you need to create a configuration in the Customer Panel in the tab "Interface settings -> SQL API". The form for adding a new configuration contains the following fields:

Field Description
nazwa     connection name (descriptive)

connection status, or tables to be checked

typ     local / remote (or local database and tables on the side SerwerSMS, or remote database and tables on the Client)
silnik bazy eg. MySQL (or other, depending on availability)
host     host to connect
numer portu

port under which the service is available

login     login to the database
hasło     password to the database

database name

struktura tabel STANDARD / INDIVIDUAL (STANDARD - structure proposed by SerwerSMS, INDIVIDUAL - the structure of self-imposed by the client)


For individual table structure sending messages (MT)

table name

table name for dispatch of messages
field id

field with the identifier record

field numer field with phone number
field nazwa nadawcy  field with sender name
field wiadomość field with the content of the message
field data field with possibly. the date of shipment. At the time of transfer messages for execution, set the current date and time)
field smsid field with the identifier message (SerwerSMS)
field raport doręczenia field with the status messages ( "-1" - unposted, 0 - the default value 1 - delivered, 2 - undelivered)
field data doręczenia field of the date of report update
field kod raportu doręczenia

field of the numerical code description delivery report (for more information, see Error Codes)

field opis raportu doręczenia field with a text description of a delivery report (for more information, see Error Codes)
field flagi field with optional flags, eg. UTF FLASH
field części field with the length of the message (how many parts it consists SMS)


For individual table structure, message reception (MO)

table name table name to receive messages
field numer number from which the SMS
field nadawca

number to which the SMS was received (eg. NDI)

field wiadomość  the content of the received message
field data

date received messages

field typ

the type of the received message (ECO, ND, NDI)


From the level of the Client Panel, it is possible to test the correctness of the connection by clicking on the test icon. The system will check the connection and display information whether access to the database is possible, whether there are relevant fields in the table and if there are any records in the table for sending messages.

It is also possible to download a configuration containing full information about a given connection (access to the database, names of tables and fields, examples of connection and sending messages).